Natron v0.92 beta is out!

by MrKepzie on June 5, 2014 No comments

We just released a fresh beta build. This build has received many improvements and new

features since we released the last 0.91 beta build. You can download it from the download page.



As the software is growing in stability, we’re slowly getting closer to a version 1.0 release

and we plan to do it prior to  ACM SIGGRAPH 2014 edition where we will have a stand.



As a side-note we’re looking for people willing to make tutorials for the new rotoscoping and chroma

keying tools. Also we’re looking for contributors willing to make linux packages of Natron for any distribution.

We believe it’s a good time to join us as we’re just a few weeks from the upcoming release and

everyone’s contribution is welcome 🙂


Change log:



  •  New rotoscoping node (using the Cairo library). This node enables you to draw,edit and animate masks to work with other nodes. We will make a tutorial on the use of the rotoscoping node as it is quite complex and allow for many different kind of interactions.
  •  New chroma-keyer. Hard work was made to make it a good keyer. We will make a tutorial

to explain all the parameters of the keyer.

  •  New CornerPin/CornerPinMasked nodes. In anticipation to the future tracker we will make

on the next version, we have implemented a CornerPin node which will be used to export
tracker data.

  •  New retimer node to change the speed and duration of your clips
  •  New cross-fade node to produce a fade between 2 clips
  •  New crop node.
  •  Nodes can now be disabled by clicking the “Disable” parameter in the “Node” parameter page of its settings panel.
  •  A new “snap to node” feature was implemented in the node graph for easier positioning of the node. We also fixed some selection issues when several nodes would overlap.
  •  Natron will now check for updates on start-up. You can activate this option in the preferences.
  •  The rendering engine received many improvements, making it drastically faster and more stable.
  •  Fixed a bug where images would not be rendered correctly when proxy mode would be enabled.
  •  A lot of bug fixes were made with this build, which should overall improve

efficiency, integrity and stability of the application.

  •  Even though the project file format has evolved, Natron is still compatible with older projects that were created prior to this version.


  • Bug fixes specific to Microsoft Windows:
  1.  The file dialog should now longer crash when selecting directories.
  2.  The curve editor will no longer crash when moving keyframes


MrKepzieNatron v0.92 beta is out!