Core Development Team

Alexandre Gauthier-Foichat

HEAD of the Natron project

Fréderic Devernay

«There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.» Leonard Cohen – Anthem Research Scientist in 3D Computer Vision. Currently focused on applications to 3D stereoscopic video (3DTV and 3D cinema), but also widely interested in computer-aided surgery, augmented reality for medical applications, and computer vision for performing arts.

Content Development Team

Jean-Christophe Levet

J’ai designé le nouveau logo du logiciel, les nouveaux pictogrammes de l’interface ainsi que le splash screen. Je suis graphiste compositeur sur Nuke en freelance. Je travaille souvent chez Royal Post. Je suis également formateur Nuke, à Supinfocom Valencienne et à l’ICAN Paris. Je fais un peu de 3D sur Blender, qui m’a servi à

Francois Grassard

Graphiste 2D/3D/FX et développeur de logiciels graphiques depuis environ 20 ans, mon intérêt pour le libre sous toute ses formes se fait de plus en plus grand chaque années ! Je suis toujours à la recherche d’équivalents libres afin d’avoir le luxe du choix en cas de dilemmes artistiques ou techniques. Mes intérêts se portent

Sean Kennedy

I’m a visual effects artist living and working in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. I’ve worked at both small and large vfx studios, and I spent seven and a half years at Rhythm & Hues Studios, where I composited on two Academy Award winning films – The Golden Compass and Life of Pi. For a full list of

Communications Team

Ren D’Vila

Online Communications – Creative Director Commercial and fashion photographer based in Asia, creative director at a magazine and online communications and trends analyst. Joining Natron to open a visual and interactive communication channel alongside the community management team for the long run with the great community that makes this project possible.

Community Management Team

Stephane Ribas

Community manager as much as I can ! I am an expert engineer working in the Development & Transfert Department of INRIA (DGD-T). My mission is to help INRIA developers & scientists to create vibrant communities.

Omar Brown

I am a videographer, editor and musician. My main editing tools are Editshare’s Lightworks, Final Cut Pro X, and Avid Media Composer. My compositors of choice are Natron and Nuke. I love the art of film-making and 3D visual effects. Natron artists at NatronNation.

Technical Admin Team

Ole Andre Rodlie

Description comiong soon but resp for a big part of the new web infrastructure and the different linux platform compilation…

Ren D'VilaTeam